Corporate Training

Since 2009, Joe Williams’ traveling fitness classes have been an important component of our overall workplace wellness program, beWell; offering our Associates access to on-site fitness instruction in an environment where a traditional on-site fitness center does not pencil. Joe brings the necessary workout equipment, so all Associates need to do is show up for class. It’s convenient and fun; and the encouragement Associates get from fellow classmates helps build engagement at the office. Joe’s coaching style is serious yet compassionate layering in nutrition and weight-loss to an overall fitness program changing – in some cases drastically – our Associate’s lives for the better.

Charles Smith
Bebe, Sr Director Compensation, Benefits, and Engagement

Companies of all shapes and sizes are striving to make physical fitness part of their employee’s lives. Aside from the proven individual health benefits of exercise, physically fit employees can also handle physical work tasks better, deal with stressful situations more successfully and tend to be less susceptible to illness and injuries.

San Francisco Corporate Fitness services are an affordable benefit that you can offer your valuable employees. We offer a range of services that can be customized to your companies needs:

Onsite Employee Group Training
Does your company have an office gym or training facility? If your company authorizes the use of the facilities, we can provide personal trainers to conduct onsite private, semi-private or group training programs – direct to you! Employees won’t have to leave the workplace to get a great workout! Sessions are generally hour-long small group style workouts, scaled to all fitness levels, held 2-4x/week on site, or at a nearby location.

Healthy Living Workshops

Our Healthy Living Workshops are held in your facility and offer educational opportunities to motivate your workforce to think of health and fitness in their everyday lives. Topics of discussion include: exercise fundamentals, nutritional education and how to put together an exercise program that works for them. Basic workshops are designed to be completed in one hour (perfect for a “brown-bag lunch”) but can be tailored to your specific needs.

Included in every San Francisco Corporate Fitness Wellness program is the following:

  • Experienced, nationally-certified coach dedicated to your program
  • Goal setting and nutrition education
  • Body composition assessment at initial session and every 3 months
  • Benchmark workouts each month to gauge progress
  • Full access to coach via e-mail
  • An engaging environment for all employees, no matter what fitness level

Our Corporate Wellness Program combines Onsite Training with a series of Healthy Living Workshops to further enhance the fitness experience and demonstrate your company’s commitment to your employees. Available with this program are contests such as; 8 Weeks Challenge, most improved, etc. Group dynamics are utilized to create a cohesive group of co-workers that demonstrates teamwork and trust that extends beyond training and into the working environment.


The Corporate Challenge is an 8 week fitness workplace challenge that produces both physical and mental results that are well beyond any employer’s or employee’s expectations! Participants of the challenge can:

  • Get fit with your own personal trainer. Challenge includes 16 sessions
  • Lose weight with our new Complete Food Guide
  • Pick out something new every day with our easy to make recipes
  • Five optional group workouts to boost team spirit
  • Individualized fitness programs and accountability with food and exercise journaling

With our corporate health and wellness fitness challenge program, the average participant in the program loses 10-12 pounds and 8 to 10 inches over the course of 8 weeks, and adopts new habits of better eating and increased physical activity. As a result, employers reap the benefits of a happier team, improved collegiality, better energy and focus at work and reduced health risks!

Employer Benefits

  • Happier and healthier employees
  • Reduced workers compensation claims and premiums
  • Improved productivity and moral
  • Camaraderie among staff

Employee Benefits

  • Balance between work and home
  • Improved health awareness
  • Reduced risk of coronary heart disease stroke, diabetes, and Ability to manage stress
  • Improved strength, mobility, fitness and energy
  • Enhanced self-esteem, motivation, and long term happiness
  • Recognition


Facility set up cost averages between $200 and $1000 at the corporate location. The desired space requirement is approximately 500 square feet for every 10 employees. If space is limited, a public park within close proximity is another option. The instructor fee is $200 per training session. The recommended sessions are 2 or more per week. Some company’s will defer the cost to the employees in some capacity. For example, 20 employees may pay $10 each per class.

Statistical Benefits of Corporate Fitness

Reduced Health-Care Costs- Medical claim costs were 55 percent lower among corporate fitness program participants than non-participants over a six-year period—an average of $478.61 for participants, versus $869.98 for non-participants at Steelcase Corporation. Increased Productivity- 80 percent of Union Pacific Railroad’s employees believed their exercise program was helping them become more productive at work, and 75 percent thought regular exercise was helping them achieve higher levels of relaxation and concentration. Reduced Absenteeism- Over a six year period, DuPont saw a 47.5 percent reduction in absenteeism among participants in its corporate fitness program. Reduced Turnover- The Canadian Life Assurance Company found turnover among its fitness program participants 34.4 percent lower over a seven-year period compared with non-participants during that same time. Positive Return on Investment- Over five years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana realized a 250 percent return on its corporate fitness program investment—$2.51 for every $1 invested. Source: MeritCare Health System, American Journal of Health Promotion, Health Values, Health Behavior and the Canadian Journal of Public Health